Educational Psychology Studies

Two Courses within the School of Education

The latter 3 years of the School of Education is divided into “education studies” and “educational psychology studies”. Students who choose educational psychology studies will be affiliated with the two courses below.

1|Human Behavior Course
Students taking this course will aim to cope with various issues resulting from modern day human behavior from the perspective of intensive psychological studies, in a method similar to specialist training. There are various available education and research matters such as children’s knowledge and standard learning processes, processes of mental and physical changes across a lifetime, course of action and consciousness within groups, and environmental awareness and action. Furthermore, research options include identifying effective methods of learning within a classroom and attempting to unravel the various stages of human being’s relationship between the heart and mind. Another issue of interest is in what ways human relations are formed within the structure of classes, schools and companies.

Kazuhide Hashiya(Development Psychology I) |Kazuo Kato(Educational Psychology I) | Takamichi Ito(Educational Psychology II) | Hirofumi Minami(Psychology of the Human Environment) | Hiroyuki Yamaguchi(Social Psychology II) | Hiroshi Ikeda(Social Psychology I) | Wakako Sanefuj(Developmental Psychology II)

2|Clinical Psychology Course
This course is aimed to training the mind of specialists to be able to conduct problem solving and to understand people whose minds are troubled or have physical disabilities. The range of education and research includes identifying effective and theoretical techniques to assist people with have behavioral problems or disabilities in dealing with stresses within an advanced industrial society, psychological complications, violence in the home, truancy, delinquency, and crime. For example, students will learn counseling techniques to be utilized in counseling people with various problems in their lives at work or home and caregiving techniques for children who are neglected or truant from school. Further, students will acquire techniques to provide aid to people with disabilities in order that they may participate in social activities, even if the participation is limited.

Satoshi Koga(Study of Life Long Development) | Reiji Sasaki(Counseling III) | Koichi Toya(Study of Developmental Consultation II) | Toshihide Kuroki(Counseling II) | Shuhei Kaneko(Counseling I) | Mari Tanaka(Developmental clinical science II) | Eiji Ozawa(Developmental clinical science I)

Module outline

1|Shared classes (shared with educational psychology)
Education studies outline  |  Educational psychology outline  |  Educational literature subscription  |  Psychology studied experiment (I/II)  |  Graduate thesis guidance seminar  |  Graduate Thesis seminar  |  Graduate Thesis
2|Educational studies classes
Self-process psychology (Kazuo Kato)  |  Psychology studies  |  Cognitive psychology (Kazuo Kato)  |  Educational measurement and assessment  |  Educational psychology  |  Cognitive psychology  |  Teaching process psychology  |  Motivation ideology  |  Development psychology (Kazuhide Hashiya)  |  Emotional psychology (Kazuhide Hashiya)  |  Infant psychology (Kazuhide Hashiya)  |  Child psychology (Kazuhide Hashiya)  |  Youth psychology (Kazuhide Hashiya)  |  Theory of personal interaction  |  Action development  |  Physiological psychology  |  Social psychology (Hiroyuki Yamaguchi)  |  Human relations  |  Leadership  |  System psychology  |  Communication (Hiroyuki Yamaguchi)  |  Personal actions cognitive study (山口裕幸)  |  Group psychology (Hiroyuki Yamaguchi)  |  Human environment psychology (Hirofumi Minami)  |  環境行動学 (Hirofumi Minami)  |  Career development (Hirofumi Minami)  |  Community psychology (Hirofumi Minami)  |  Introduction to clinical psychology  |  Clinical personality (Reiji Sasaki)  |  Group approach  |  Home communication (Reiji Sasaki)  |  Psychological test methodology (Reiji Sasaki)  |  Psychological treatment  |  Psychological assessment (Reiji Sasaki)  |  Philosophy of psychosis  |  精神分析学  |  医療心理学  |  発達障害学 (Seiichi Tajima)  |  臨床心理学特論 (Seiichi Tajima)  |  障害児童学 (Seiichi Tajima)  |  発達援助学 (Seiichi Tajima)  |  臨床動作学  |  障害児教育学  |  リハビリテーション心理学 (Koichi Toya)  |  障害児心理相談学 (Koichi Toya)  |  コミュニケーション障害学 (Koichi Toya)  |  生涯発達学 (Satoshi Koga)  |  臨床家族心理学 (Satoshi Koga)  |  臨床老年期心理学 (Satoshi Koga)  |  臨床思春期・青年期心理学 (Satoshi Koga)  |  心理統計 (Go Matsuo)  |  心理臨床コース特講 (Yasuhiro Oyama)  |  人間行動コース特講 (Etsuko Haryu)

※For details on acquiring licenses and certification please see “Lesson Features and the 4 Year Course System