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Procedures for Graduates

くFor applications and various certifications, fill out the below “Certificate Application”. Students who graduated from the School of Education and enrolled in the Human Environment Graduate School should apply on a single “Certificate Application” (please see the homepage of the Human Environment Graduate School).

◆ About Certificate Application

Please apply through one of the following methods. Applications cannot be accepted via telephone, FAX or email.

1|Apply in Person.
Please be aware that certificates cannot be issued on the same day as the application. Please present your student ID when receiving the certificate.
2|Apply via mail
Please apply by submitting a Certificate Application or a written document that includes criteria a.~g. as listed below. Also, applicants must include a return envelope that is addressed and stamped with postage and a copy of the applicants ID card (driver’s license, Resident Card, etc.).

a. Student ID Number (if unknown please accurately fill out criteria e.)
b. Name while enrolled in school
c. Birthdate
d. Contact Information (cell phone number, email address, etc.,)
e. Entry year, graduation (resignation) year and month.
f. Necessary credentials – variety and number of copies.
* When applying for certification to prove academic achievements (when applying for a teaching license), please specify the school type (Junior/ High school), type of licenses(e.g. Type 1), and subject (e.g. society, humanities etc.) that the certification will be used to apply for. (For example: High School Teaching License, Type 1, Humanities)
g. Please state the intended use and where the certificate will be submitted to (certificates will not be issued if the intent is unclear). *If requiring an English certification, please state as such and write the applicant’s name in English.

◆ Address for Application

6-19-1Hakozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka
Kaizuka District Office Department Academic Affairs Section Student Official
Location: Hakozaki Campus Map: Green 12

Matters to be aware of

  • Depending on the method of application, it may take up to three days to issue certificates. It will take approximately one week to issue English certificates and academic achievement certification to be used in applying for a teaching license. If applying prior to a weekend or national holiday, please be reminded that it may take longer than the aforementioned time.
  • Please apply with the name you graduated with (names at the university cannot be changed following graduation)
  • Please state on the application if you prefer the certificates to be officially sealed.
  • Fill out the application accurately. Certificates may not be issued if details are unclear.
  • When mailing the application please write “Certificate Application” on the front of the envelope in red.
  • Issued certificates will be disposed of if the applicant does not come receive their certificate within six months.
  • Personal information detailed on the application will be used for the sole purpose of processing the Certificate Application and issuance of certification.

◆ Postage and Size of the Return Envelope (reference)

Certificate directly within the Return Envelope Officially Sealed Certificate
Envelope Long shape 3 (height 23.5cm, width 12cm) Square 3 (height 27.5 cm, width 21.5cm)
Square 2 (height 27.5cm, width 24cm)
Stamp ¥80 (Up to 3 certificates) ¥120 (up to 3 certificates, or 1 in English)
¥90 (4 or more certificates) ¥140 (more than 4 certificates, or 2 or more in ¥140 (up to 4 certificates, or 2 English)

*prices as of April 2012

Extra charges will apply for express mail.
If postage on the return envelope is insufficient, the recipient will pay the insufficient balance when receiving the certificate8s).

Contact Information

744 Motooka Nishi-ku Fukuoka 819-0395
District Office Department Academic Affairs Section Student Official

MAIL:jbkkyomu1ed [at]
Please change the [at] to @ when sending an email

Procedures for Enrolled Students and Important Matters

Notifications and Contacting Enrolled Students

  • Students should check the faculty bulletin board everyday. The bulletin board will inform students about lessons, exams and even scholarships. Information that has been posted will be assumed to be common knowledge.
  • If the student is involved in an accident or cannot attend school, he/she should keep in contact with colleagues and friends to stay up to date.

Leave of absencee, reinstatement, and withdrawal procedures.

Leave of Absence
Students should contact their supervising faculty and provide required documentation if they will be unable to attend classes for more than 2 months. As a general rule, students must contact their supervising faculty member 1.5 months prior to their leave of absence and provide detailed reasons for their extraordinary circumstance (e.g. medical certificate for illness).
Students who are being reinstated after taking a Leave of Absence must submit a Reinstatement Request.
Withdrawing from the University
If a student must withdraw from the university, they should submit the Withdrawal Application to their supervising faculty 1.5 months prior to their withdrawal and receive approval.
Paid tuition will not be refunded in the case of a leave of absence or withdrawal during the school semester.

Address registration and change

Students must submit the designated form to notify the university of their place of residence. When the student’s place of residence changes, the correlating section of the student ID card must also be updated.

Change of guarantor or guarantor’s address

Students must notify the university if their guarantor changes or the guarantor’s place of residence changed.

Change in Name or Family Registry

If the student’s name changes or their family registry changes, the student must submit notification of such changes to the university.

Payment of Tuition

Half of the annual tuition must be paid during April and also in October. See below for payment deadlines and methods:

Payment Deadline
  • 1st semester: April 1st – April 30th
  • 2nd semester: October 1st – October 31st
Payment Method
Tuition must be paid via bank transfer from either the student’s bank account or ther guarantor’s bank. The transfer of tuition should be made into Kyushu University’s bank account (refer to the Financial Affairs Faculty Management Course Income Official for detailed procedures). The student may face the possibility of being expelled from Kyushu University should they fail to pay tuition following urges from the university after the aforementioned deadline.

Certificate of Student Transportation

Students should go to the Student Support Center and submit their student ID and application to receive proof required to purchase a student transportation pass (Nishitetsu, JR, Subway, etc.).

JR Student Discount Certificate

  • Please print the documentation for the JR Student Discount Certificate from the automatic issuing machine.
  • Students may print up to ten certificates per year. Please use each certificate accordingly. (The certificate will provide students with a 20% discount from the regular train fare when travelling further than 100km in one direction.)
  • These tickets may not be used illegally or given to a third party.

Japan Student Services Organization Scholarship

Applications are accepted from the middle of April. Students who wish to apply for a scholarship should do so. Application details can be found elsewhere.

Tuition Exemption

Student who face extraordinary or economic circumstances or who have an excellent academic standing may be eligible to apply each semester for tuition exemption.

Students must submit their application before the tuition payment deadline. (1st semester: around January of the previous academic year, 2nd semester: around June of the same academic year)

Student education and research disaster insurance

Insurance is available to provide students with coverage for accidents that occur during education and research activities. Please see the “Student Education and Research Disaster Insurance Outline”.

Routine Physical Checkup

In accordance with the school health law, routine physical checkups are conducted annually in April. Students are required to receive the checkup during the designated date and time. Students who are soon to graduate should be reminded that they may require medical certificates to be issued for employment, and should not forget to receive their physical checkup.

Teaching License.

Upon completion of all credits designated by this faculty, students will be eligible to cquire a teaching license for Junior High School (geography/history, civics) or High School (society).

◆ Location for Procedures

744 Motooka Nishi-ku Fukuoka 819-0395
District Office Department Academic Affairs Section Student Official

MAIL:jbkkyomu1ed [at]
Please change the [at] to @ when sending an email

◆ Bulletin Board Location

Next to the Faculty of Humanities Common Lecture Building, Hakozaki Campus

Procedures for Graduates   ▲ Procedures and Credentials