Introduction to the School of Education

This page is dedicated to introducing the image, institution, and history of the School of Education.
School of education Outline

From the second semester of third year all students are required to decide between “education” and “psychology”. See below for details regarding what students will learn throughout the course of each respective study.
① Education Studies
②Educational Psychology Studies


Messages from upper-classmen – to everyone taking exams –

  Takahiro Kawakami / Junior

The School of Education is a faculty that is proud of its strong internal relationships. Beyond strong horizontal relationships, there are also strong vertical relationships between upper and under-classmen. You will always be surrounded by good friends to have fun with and talk to. This best describes Kyushu University’s School of Eeducation.
However, even within such an environment, there are also many things that I can do as an individual. For example, you can participate in student groups or circles. Your options are not be limited to participating in groups and having the opportunity to participate in various events, but you will also be engaged in various projects and operations.
There are also student support activities. Once a week you can assist with learning at in elementary schools and play with the children. While being fun, such activities also serve the benefit of helping you decide your future occupation. I am enthusiastic about such activities because of the lively enthusiasm of from my friends. Not only is this a fun opportunity, but it also gives you a chance to start thinking about your future.

Aiko Hisatomi / Junior

The faculty wishes to go beyond teaching students who have an interest in foreign education and education systems. When I thought about this, I realized that Kyushu University’s School of Education perfectly suited me. Being able to study both education and educational psychology, students are provided with an opportunity to approach education from various angles. In the beginning students will study broad topics and will narrow down their field little by little according to what students find they are interested in. In the course structure, there are not only classroom studies but also fieldwork studies. In my fieldwork class, I visited Korean elementary and high schools. Being able to form relationships from just a single class or one year together is distinctive to the School of Education.
Come enjoy fulfilling days at Kyushu University’s School of Education.

向晃佑 / Junior

In the School of Education it is possible to study various, broad and specialized fields concerned with education and psychology. In classes working towards your major, there will be theoretical studies as well as practical study methods through practice, fieldwork, experiments and training. Although the School of Education has fewer students than other faculties, students will experience the benefit of building strong relationships with people in their own school year and also the upper- and under-classmen through extracurricular activities and classes. During my second year our school year took a trip to Okinawa during the summer. It is up to you whether or not you lead a full University life. University life is not only about studying, but is also about having fun in extracurricular activities and part-time work. I encourage you to try various experiences to have a significantly fulfilling university life.

Yuki Hirai / Junior

A unique characteristic of the School of Education is the relationships built as a result of the small number of people in each year and class. There are also a large number of professional educators in each respective education and psychology fields to fulfill the students’ desire to study. You will also be able to expand your outlook through interactions with friends and faculty. I had an interest in internships and volunteering at elementary schools. My desire was brought to reality through the School of Education’s practical lessons and I was able to acquire valuable experiences.
Kyushu University School of Education gives you the opportunity to encounter new hobbies and interests. I encourage you to maximize every day with irreplaceable people.